Big Lake Waterfront

Big Lake Washington - Throwback Thursday

Time for a little Big Lake, Washington “Throw Back Thursday.” #TBT

I found this old photo at my neighbor’s house about a year ago. She has lived out on Sulfer Springs Road in Big Lake since the 1960’s and has watched its transformation. In talking with her, I learned that this photo was taken not long after they had just completed the rest of West Big Lake Blvd. Prior to that, it had only gone to about where the boat launch area is now currently located.¬†You can also see that Overlook Golf Course hasn’t even been developed yet!

Having lived in Big Lake since 1987, I have definitely seen my fair share of change in the area. Regardless, even with all the growth, the lake still remains as beautiful and peaceful as ever and one of my most favorite places in Skagit Valley!

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